Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gold Aurene Steuben Scent Bottle

Rare Gold Aurene Steuben scent bottle--rare shape and extremely scarce. This is a rich gold bottle with beautiful hues of blue, green, platinum and even a touch of scarlet. It is correctly marked "aurene" and "3294" on the base of the bottle adjacent to the finely polished pontil. even has a sizeable portion of the original gold banner STEUBEN LABEL still present. Ht: 8". This bottle came in 2 sizes, this being the larger size. It is in perfect condition except for the end portion of the frosted dauber has been broken off and refinished. Not uncommon, the bottle is still considered in very excellent condition.


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What a elegant perfume bottle no wonder why is still considered in a very excellent condition.


pheromones attract women said...

I can't help to leave a message on your blog because I am so amaze on this perfume bottle. Keep posting guys!


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